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Endorsed by

Jane Lumm
Mike Anglin
Sally Petersen
Ingrid Sheldon
Mary Hathaway
Carolyn Grawi
Gwen & John Nystuen
Leslie Morris
Anna Schnitzer
Nancy Shiffler
Jack Eaton
Ann Schriber
Kathy Clark
Bitsy Lamb
Andy LaBarre
Dianne Widzinski
Vivienne Armentrout
Stephen & Agnes Reading
Myra Larson
Alice J. Ralph
Larry Argetsinger
Pat & Victor Munoz
Martha Ratliff
Ted Annis
Marvin Kirsh
Anna Darsky
Dale & Janet Dohler
Anthony Eliassen
Christina Lirones
Sarajane Winkelman
Linda Pedrick
Rita Mitchell
Michael & Nina Homel
Karen Sidney
James D'Amour
Jim & Janet Vincze
Paul Bancel
Vince Caruso
Paul & Emily Hollenberg
Yousef Rabhi


Keeping You Informed

My ideas include:

    Creating an advisory committee to give input at board meetings regarding suggestions and concerns

    Adding opportunity for public speaking time at the end of the formal board meeting so comments can be made on items discussed. Continuing effort to encourage public input to the library through the board and by participation in public meetings held by the library.
    Responding to input I did propose having the board meetings televised – that was voted down.

    Having heard that you would like drive-up book drop boxes, I will present that view.

    Fiscal responsibility has kept the library functioning within its budget and ending the past years with small surpluses.  Excellent priorities and budgeting have kept staffing stable and programming growing. As a result, I am pleased that for the first time in years, the library is able to allocate merit raises for the excellent staff.

Growing Role of the Library in Our Community

For the past years the role of the Library has been growing as it serves to provide many services to the community and co-operate with organizations needing free space. Among the community services are: computer use and training, ESL tutoring, Prisoner Re-entry program, Washtenaw Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled, archives of the Ann Arbor News, out-reach programs to the schools, and creative, challenging summer programs. 

The number of lecture–speakers programs continues to grow with authors, Shakespeare society, musical society, hosting public forums on the environment and changes in our city. The District Library is a place where one can learn and interact with a variety of options – books, internet, lectures, group meetings, and archives  to mention just a few.

This is your Third Place -  when not at home or work this is the place for you to learn and enjoy. 

Listening to your input.  Representing you.   Re-elect Nancy Kaplan.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Nancy Kaplan, 3065 Hunting Valley Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48104